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I am 200+hr certified in vinyasa and yin, teaching all levels from beginner to advanced, from slow and restorative flows to dynamic vinyasa. I offer private 1-1 classes, small group classes and corporate packages. I also work with companies teaching regular or one off classes for events and retreats. If you would like to create a tailored package with my chef services please get in touch to discuss.



I love to weave in ancient philosophy into my practices, with focus on breath and time for meditation and reflection. Often a 60 minute class can include a short meditation, pranayama (breathwork) as well as asana practice (postures and sequence). 


I feel strongly about introducing yoga with a solid foundation to the practice, based on anatomy awareness, strength and alignment, so you learn to build a safe but challenging practice with longevity and progressive strength and flexibility over time.



I offer private yoga classes from £50 per hour with the first class half price, where we can get to know each other, assess your level and style of practice and what key areas we can work on together.


I then offer blocks of 4 classes at a discounted rate of £180 when booked in advance. 



Yoga can hugely benefit a corporate environment, creating calm and clarity within an environment which often demands productivity and high pressure. Introducing yoga techniques and philosophy, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices can cultivate a more focused, balanced work place, reducing levels of stress, anxiety and increased mental and physical health.

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